Cozy Thoughts

My first title was Midlife Musings, but a google search showed that others had come before me. So the title (for now) is Cozy Thoughts.

Why cozy thoughts? The mysteries I read are mostly traditional or “cozies”. The writing I do is in the same genre. (As yet unpublished, but working hard on that!) The definition of a cozy is a mystery without too much sex, violence (blood) or coarse language. A little bit of an irony, since they mostly involve murder, but there you go. One of life’s dichotomies that work.

There are many dichotomies in my life. Having been framed as a non-athlete, I have decided to run a half-marathon in October, and been training since May. A bona fide introvert, I work in the extroverted field of theatre. And so it goes.

This blog will be my thoughts on any number of subjects, from theatre I’ve seen to books I’ve read to my training progress to my writing.

Thanks for visiting.

What do you think? Let me know?

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