Who is that old broad?

Took a Chi Running class on Saturday. The thought was to
learn a technique that will help alleviate injury possibilities. A good
seminar, but again humbling. Not because of the Chi Running, but because of the

I was one of three students. The other two were guysone of
whom ran a 5K in 18 minutes. I would be thrilled with a time twice that. We
were filmed at the beginning, middle and end of the day for progress reports.

Watching the film at the end of the day, I was struck. I own
that spandex isnt my best fashion option (though crucial for chub rub
prevention). Makeup before a run isnt a great idea, so I go bare faced. I was
prepared for that. What I wasnt prepared for is watching an old lady mince
along. And thats what I saw. Arms out of shape (Michelle Obama has raised the
bar on that front, hasnt she?), hunched over taking small graceless steps. I
am so afraid of getting injured I dont risk getting injured. I play it safe.
Talk about life metaphors.

I keep saying that my goal is to finish this race. But lets
face itI could walk the 13.1 miles. Adding yoga, strength training to my
training. Also adding a time goal of around 3 hours. I need to get my sexy
back. I need to stand up straight, run and find the joy.

What do you think? Let me know?

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