Happy New Year

Happy 2010! Twenty-Ten, or so I've been corrected. We missed the "aughts" of the last century, and got in the habit of two thousand and year. Twenty Ten is a little easier. And I am thrilled about the turn into a new decade. Feels fresh.

My blogging here has been random, but it is the time for resolutions, so here is mine. I am going to be better about putting my stuff up there. My stuff being my thoughts on what I've been reading, what I have seen (theatre, movies, TV) and what I think. Likely I will be mostly positive, but when I have thoughts, and I do, I will voice them. After all, this is the point of a blog.

And I am going to focus more on the "art" part of my life for this reason–I need to give voice to the importance of books, live theater, film and some TV in my life. In our world, and with this economy, art is seen by some as superfluous. And next to food and shelter, it is hard to justify the expense (on all levels). Except. Except that art feeds the soul. And nourishes a society. And gives life a depth of color and clarity that makes it worth living. And that is important.

I am post post modern. I get the joke, but also am tired of the irony.
I long for authentic experiences, whether they are on the page, on the
stage, in the museum, or on the screen (large or small).

Lest you think that I am a culture snob, let me assure you, my tastes vary. Greatly. I love Jane Austen. But I adore mysteries. Particularly cozies and traditional mysteries. I love big, bold musicals. But I also love edgy theatre companies. And rethinking classics.

Concern about "who cares?" is gone. I care, and I blog. You may not, but I still hope you come back and visit.

Happy 2010, dear reader. Lets chat.

What do you think? Let me know?

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