How I Think

I renamed my blog. Again. I spend a lot of time considering the art in my life. Theatre.
Books. TV. Movies. Project Runway. The quest for comfortable yet stylish shoes.
Good food. Beautiful design. The search for the perfect purse.  I am not a critic, though I have opinions and
I share them. Instead of having conversations with my small circle (or myself)
I have decided to blog about things that contribute to what I consider the
art in my life. You may or may not agree about whether something qualifies, but
thats fine. And sort of the point.

Art feeds passion and passion feeds our soul. Like or
hate arent relevant. So acknowledging something that contributes to the
texture of my life is a noble pursuit. I realize that this may sound
pretentious, but I try to keep a sense of humor about my thoughts, and my life.

It may work or not work, but I hope that all will be worth consideration.
I am relentlessly optimistic, and I admire passion above all else. I have high
hopes for this year, and this blog.

What do you think? Let me know?

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