The Road to Hell

OK, I started off with a bang, and it has been a week. Maybe I need to work up to every day…plus I renamed the blog (again). Turning Over Rocks. A little less pretentious. Also about looking into things a little more. Thinking. I know, a radical idea.

Current thoughts–TV. I know that's not the great art pursuit. And for a brief moment I thought I didn't watch that much. I was wrong. Last Sunday night I caught up with my DVR'd 24 episodes. Made the decision to go for it. Now, I have watched at least part of every season. Sometimes, often, it makes me tired and I stop for a bit, and then catch up the last few episodes. This season is promising,though I am a little wary. Renee and blond chick (with the bad ex and fake name, hello stupid story line) may get on my nerves. We'll see.

I also am back on the LOST bandwagon. Feel like I need to debrief after every episode. Will write more about it (how can I not) but the thing that both these shows have in common is story arcs. Huge story arcs. 24 sometimes loses it, and feel like it is plotted by a pantser (by the seat of their pants), or a bunch of them who are willing to go where the story takes them.

LOST feels like it is outlined. I feel like they have been planning parts of the story forever. Which scares me. I have high hopes for these next few weeks, and the way they tell the story. And I really hope they pull it off. REALLY hope.

We'll see.

What do you think? Let me know?

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