The End of the Season

Thursday marked the end of my theatre going season. Well, not really. I would like to see ASP’s Timon of Athens. And there is the Gloucester Stage Company summer season to look forward to.  But all of my subscriptions have run out for this season.

Happily, the last show I saw was Speakeasy Stage Company‘s fun The Great American Trailer Park Musical, which has been extended through June 5. Such fun.

I also saw ART‘s Johnny Baseball. I saw the third performance of a world premiere, so it was still rough. That said, the ART is doing a great job at creating a baseball feel around the show (Scott Sinclair has a great blog post about this), and I plan to go  back in June and see what changes are made.

I will say it it best that the season is over. There was a woman texting at Johnny Baseball, and had a been on an aisle I would have persuaded her to stop. Likely by ripping the phone from her hand and stomping on it.

Will catch up with my thoughts on the season later, but suffice it to say, it was a good one.

What do you think? Let me know?

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