The Plan

So much whirring around in my brain. The perfect recipe for blogging, right?

Well yes. And no. Because the whirring is about a lot of different things. But I need structure. For potential readers. And for myself. To help frame conversations. And to help create deadlines.

So here’s the plan. I blog three times a week on the following topics:

Mondays: Mysteries. Writing and reading. And everything in between.

Wednesdays: Adult onset athleticism. For some reason, after avoiding athletic pursuits for 40 plus years with great success, I have decided to try and find my inner athlete. This summer it is Triathlon training. Which means learning how to ride a bike again, realizing that competitive swimming is not the same as floating at the beach and running. Or jogging. So on Wednesdays I will check in on how it is going.

Fridays: Theatre. Shows. The business. What’s happening, and what I think about it. Theatre is my profession. It is also the background of the mystery I am writing. It is also a passion. I love it. And think the world is a better place because of it. So Friday its about theatre. And maybe other performing arts.

I may have other posts during the week, but these three are it for now.

Sound like a plan?

What do you think? Let me know?

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