Last Friday I saw Doug Elkins’ FRAULEIN MARIA, part of ArtsEmerson’s inaugural season. As someone else said, I was sorry when it was over. I wanted more. FRAULEIN MARIA is an homage to the movie of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, using that soundtrack to deconstruct/reconstruct the story through a mixture of modern dance. See it and you’ll never think of “Climb Every Mountain” the same way again. And I defy you not to be moved by Doug’s interpretation of  “Edelweiss”. It is here for another week. Don’t miss it.

And yes, I called him Doug. I was fortunate enough to meet him this past summer, when he came to town to discuss doing a flash mob with our students. I was inspired and charmed. As were some Emersonians who spent the first few nights of the new school year learning the choreography for a flash mob. Here are the results. You can see my in the audience  at one point. Beaming. Try not to after you see this:

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  1. Edith says:

    That is totally fun! My son was in one at the Government Center plaza last year sometime for the 350 environmental events. Really smile-inducing to watch those things.


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