Tectonic Catharsis

I listened to Moises Kaufman on Downstage Center a week or so before Tectonic Theater Project came to town to help launch ArtsEmerson’s inaugural season. They are performing both THE LARAMIE PROJECT and LARAMIE TEN YEARS LATER in repertory, the first stop in a national tour.

First of all, the work is amazing. I had never seen THE LARAMIE PROJECT, and to see some of the company members who originally went to Laramie, did the interviews and created the work was a wonderful opportunity.

In his interview Moises Kaufman talks about the cathartic properties of theater, and how we don’t know what theater is capable of yet. I’ve been thinking about that all week. When you are sitting in a room with other people, breathing the same air, watching the same performance–which by its nature cannot be the same as the previous performance because of the human factor–when you are sitting in that room, something happens.  And companies and playwrights who are willing to stretch and push audiences make magic.

The Tectonic Theater Project’s shows tell a horrific story from many points of view.  It is strong, brave work, and I am so honored to have seen it.

What do you think? Let me know?

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