Sarah Ruhl’s Talent

Just back from Sarah Ruhl’s IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY at Speakeasy Stage. A great production under the extremely talented guidance of Scott Edmiston, with a wonderful cast and stunning production elements. All of these things create an amazing evening of theater. But then you add Sarah Ruhl.

Sarah Ruhl is an amazingly talented playwright. She does not aspire to be a scriptwriter, or a TV scribe. She is a playwright. And her works are very theatrical. They live in the theater. They require theater in order to live. I am awed and inspired and so grateful that she is still young enough that I will be able to enjoy her career for a long time.

See the play at Speakeasy. And then keep thinking about it. And thank Sarah Ruhl for that.

Here’s an interview with her from Downstage Center.

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  1. rhea says:

    I saw the show this week and I was blown away. The writing was fabulous. I was so happy to find that the show was not a farce, but a multilayered, engaging, memorable drama. And the acting! Wow! Not to mention the gorgeous costumes, set design and sound.


    1. jahennrikus says:

      I agree. It was a tour de force. So glad I saw it, and hope everyone has a chance before it closes.


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