A couple of things you should know about me before you read this post.

First, my co-conspirators in this CHRISTMAS CAROL quest are my twin nieces. They will be 8 two days before Christmas. We’ve been watching the MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL for years (and all year long), but this year they are into it. We quote certain lines together. (“Long past?” “Your past.” Pronounced Pahst like a good English spirit). Anyway, their view will be intertwined at points.

Second, I was never a Looney Toon fan. I know, I know. My Greek chorus would be aghast.  But the situations always made me a wreck when I was a kid–would Tweety get eaten? Would Road Runner get squished? Just too much drama. More of a Disney girl I guess.

So I bought BAH HUMDUCK! A LOONEY TUNES CHRISTMAS to add to my Christmas Carol collection, and also because the nieces and nephews (and brothers-in-law) love it, so I figured why not.

Daffy Duck is the Scrooge character. Porky Pig is the Bob Cratchit character, and he appears to be a single father with a cute (but healthy) daughter who is the Tiny Tim stand in. A lot of other Looney Toon characters flood the story as well. It has parallels to Dickens, but isn’t completely faithful (there’s a surprise) and cuts out a lot of the story. Like any part where someone dies Which is to be expected for a cartoon, I suppose.

I didn’t love it, but the nieces did. And I suspect I would have liked it more if I understood more of the character backstory so I could understand the meta references. I know, I’m probably overthinking it.

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  1. Ruth Polleys says:

    What comes to mind: fair and balanced. (Not that I want to align you with Fox News…) I had to laugh though–and let out a sigh of relief. I’m not the only one who didn’t love Looney Tunes! Yay! I felt kind of un-American harboring that truth. I think slapstick just isn’t my thing. Which is why I love the Pixar and Wallace & Gromit type animations. They are funny and silly, yes, and there IS an element of physical comedy, but they also tug at heart strings.

    But this is good. I don’t need to track down Bah Humduck. (And there’s something about the title that bothers me–me, who usually loves a play on words. Just a matter of taste.)


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