Starring Tori Spelling. Yes folks, this is an example of my dedication to this challenge. Watching and blogging A CAROL CHRISTMAS.

Actually, this is a fun update. Tori Spelling plays a Carol Cartman, a talk show host (think female Jerry Springer) who drives her staff hard, including her good hearted assistant Roberta. She is doing a live show on Christmas Eve, and takes a nap before the taping. Her Aunt  Marla (aka her Mama Rose in the guise of Jacob Marley) visits her and tells her to expect three ghosts. And they visit in the guise of Gary Coleman (the Ghost of Christmas Past) and William Shatner (the Ghost of Christmas Present). Given all of this casting, this show has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. But it still tells the story.

Tori/Carol’s “Belle” is a homeless advocate named John. Since this was a Hallmark movie originally, you know it has a Belle happy ending. Gotta admit, I love those Belle happy endings.

The movie ends with Carol and her family (sister and her family and refound John) reading A CHRISTMAS CAROL while the ghosts look in from the window. A little schlocky, but I’ll take it. A fun update.

What do you think? Let me know?

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