I write on a couple of other blogs, most frequently a group blog. Recently I wrote a post about “great being the enemy of good”. I also wrote about jumping off the cliff, and getting my novel out for some queries. (I am working through a few issues on that other blog).

So I’m querying and getting my work out there. I’m also working on the next book. Some writers hate this part–the imagining, the plotting, the pitfalls of the work when the characters move in a different direction than the one you’ve outlined.

I love it.

I love this part. The thinking part. The walking around a block again because it is perfect for that scene. The quick sketch of the fabulous ladies’ lounge that would be a perfect place to drop a body. (Please remember I write mysteries). The ideas that are inspired by the news.

This is my process. Start to write. Write a lot. Realize I need a plan. Start an outline. Get a little stuck. Think (where I am now). Outline again. And then write. All the way through.

Goal–draft by Labor day. Possible? Only if I think less.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Yay! New project = new energy. New energy = levity, wonderment, curiosity. My favorite part of the process, too.

    Labor Day draft? Oh yeah! (Plus setting the time aside will help you balance. It also sound like a cool thing to include for vacation. I know I’m going to be sure to make some Vineyard time for poems…)

    Yay, Julie! Yes, think less, but GO! 🙂


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