Stop Making Sense

Last week was my birthday. As a gift to myself, I’ve decided to stop making sense.

See, as a Virgo, making sense is comforting to me. I am organized. I scope out situations. I push myself, but they are calculated in that I know what I am getting myself into. I have taken the road less traveled (and it has, indeed, made all the difference), but I invest in a GPS and constantly fact check in order to make the road less traveled more secure.

But I want to find more joy in my life. So here are some of the senseless things I am doing.

I am writing a second book in a mystery series. The first manuscript isn’t sold. I could keep editing it. But instead, I am writing the second one. And loving it.

I am querying agents. I read the blogs, I know my chances. But I love my book. And more importantly, I loved writing it. So I am going to try and go the traditional route (though that may not make sense).

I want to go surfing next summer. This makes NO sense, since I have never been surfing and am not even close to agile enough to do it. But I want to go surfing. Or paraglide. Or both.

And the most senseless thing I’ve done of late? I adopted a cat. I had pets as a kid, and have had two cats as an adult. Having to put them to sleep killed me, and I have been gun shy about putting my heart at risk again. But I heard about a cat who needed a home, and I decided to go for it. She is 11, which could mean that our time together is limited. Or not. Who knows? She needed a home, and it turns out I needed her. It makes no sense, but has brought me joy.

And that makes sense.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I LOVE this! “Stop making sense” makes more sense than you know. That’s the answer. Follow your gut and follow your heart. Sense, sense, sense.

    Again, happy birthday, Julie, and happy new furry creature in your home!


    1. Ruth says:

      P.S. Following gut and heart means trusting your senses. Stop making sense=sensitive, sensory, sensational!


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