I think I do this same blog post every few weeks. But here goes. I’ve either got to write this blog, or not. And New Years is a great time to take stock.

Been wavering, but then read a blog by a friend (who blogs every day, and has a book hidden in her posts). She posted this TED talk.

Brene Brown TED talk

And I realized this blog is that for me. Vulnerability. On my work blog, I am in work mode. On my writing blog with NHWN, I am part of a tribe. But this is me, hanging out there. So how about this–this blog is about my journey this year on accepting who I am (“I am enough”) but keeping it interesting. Challenging.

The last few days have been about cleaning, organizing. Regrouping. Last year, though fab, was incredibly challenging. And I feel like I was treading water a lot of the time. This year, got to get the systems back in place, and find new ones that work.

So, been going through piles, and getting rid of stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I could never buy a pen again and not run out. I have books upon books upon books. Half filled notebooks. Reams of paper from my thesis that I am saving for drafts. I have gotten off the exercise routine, even though I know it would help. A lot.  I have also gotten away from writing. I keep writing, talking about balance, and then I can’t find it. And then I beat myself up.

So in 2012, here are the goals:

  • Get a handle on the systems. Start today, and don’t look back.
  • Exercise.
  • Write. And the rest of that world choice (query, edit, submit and write).
  • Give up on the balance thing. Your life is nuts, but you like it. Hours blur. Work blurs. Stop trying to make your life 9 to 5 cause it isn’t possible, so make it what you need it to be. You’ve got 24 hours a day, sleep at least 7 of those hours and then figure out the rest.
  • Do the best you can, and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Sunday blogs to keep up.

Happy New Year folks.


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  1. Ruth says:

    That TED talk saved me from a day of pure and unproductive wallowing, which is not to say we don’t need those kinds of days to remind us we are alive, but it’s nice to be reminded that there are better days around the corner. And there are. And exciting, full, unbalanced and vulnerable new years. It’s going to be a tough–this turning 50 thing is hard. But damn it, you are so right–we cannot beat ourselves up over it.

    I need to take your lead and put writing at the top of the list. The blog is one thing (and I love your confidence in the hidden book!) but poetry is my muse and master and I must pay more attention to it. By doing that, my vulnerability can bloom and thrive.

    We are enough.

    Happy 2012, Julie!



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