“Hey” Hate

I hate emails that start with “Hey Julie” as a salutation. My disdain is amplified if I don’t know the person sending the email. And I don’t use the word hate lightly. It sets my teeth on edge. I stop reading, sometimes for a while.

I realize emails are odd territory. “Dear” sounds stuffy. “Hello” or “Hi” work some of the time. Using the name alone can be dismissive or curt. But all of these are preferable to “Hey”. Aloud, as a greeting, “hey” works. Especially in certain circumstances. But in writing? Not for this girl.

Does this make me a fuddy duddy? Yes, probably. I’ll own that. But, after all, we were all taught that “hey is for horses”. And the “hey” meme that is going around? Also crazy making. With two exceptions. One is the Ryan Gosling Arts Management Tumblr. It makes me laugh. And then there’s this “Hey Girl”.

Don’t let these examples fool you though. “Hey Girl” emails are not welcome.

Am I alone in the “hey” hate camp?

What do you think? Let me know?

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