The Artist’s Way–A New Approach

A week ago I would have told you I had read The Artist’s Way. And I would have believed myself. I have a book copy, and a Kindle copy. I do morning pages on occasion. But when a friend was telling me about his process through the book, he told he that he was reading it all the way through before he started the week by week progression. “I like to know what my process is going to be before I jump into these things.” A ha.

I have never made it past chapter 3 of this book. This is very typical of me–I try to do the work, and then read/do the next chapter the next week. And I usually fall off the wagon. This is true of self help, of athletic pursuits (unless I am signed up for a race) and other self help pursuits. The “good girl” goes by the rules.

So here’s what I’ve learned this week. Screw the rules. Read the whole book. Make it your own. Not sketching my childhood bedroom won’t make me less of an artist. Be more holistic.

And here’ the second thing I’ve learned. Audiobooks rock. The book is 3 hours long. It will take me all week if I only listen on my commute to and from work. But what a great way to use that commute? Of course I’ll need to go back to the book book or the Kindle book to take notes and get the lesson plans. BUT I am getting the whole thing delivered to me as I walk. How cool is that?

So screw the rules, figure out an easy way to do it, and do it.

Morning pages, here I come.

What do you think? Let me know?

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