The Year of Fabulous

At the end of August I turned 50. I have a wonderful life, am blessed, and very grateful. But, 50 gives a girl pause.

And so, pause I did.

And I decided to use the pause to refocus my blog. Every week I am going to blog about something fabulous I did, or experienced. I am going to celebrate my fabulous life, mindfully.

I am taking this step for a few reasons. First, I want to work on this blog, but since I write for work, and for Sisters in Crime, and for NHWN, I needed to find something new.

Second, I got three “fabulous” gifts for my birthday.
One from my cousin, a book called “Fifty and Fabulous”. Two from my sister, a pink sash that read “Another Year of Fabulous”. And three, a stunning cake from another friend, also pink, that looked like a wrapped gift. The “tag” said “Another Year of Fabulous”. And so I took the hint.

Third, as someone else said, the days are long but the months fly by. A weekly meditation on how my life is fabulous can only be a good thing. My friend Ruth has been writing a blog for 830 days and counting called “All That Can Happen in a Thousand Days”. Her journey has been huge. And reading about it has been inspiring, to say the least. We had a long conversation about how much she has changed over the course of this journey. Logging my journey on this blog will be a reminder of the blessings of my life.

I have two weeks of fabulousness to catch up on, and then I will be back on track with Sunday posts.

Thanks for reading.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. edithmaxwell says:

    What a fabulous goal, and Happy Birthday!!! I look forward to reading your posts, Julie.


  2. Ruth says:

    Cheers to 50 and Fabulous–and Fortunate and Frightening, Ferocious and Full! I love this idea, Jules. I look forward to all that can happen in a freakin’ fabulous year! Here’s to flourishing, and balance, and making time to do what you love (whether it’s writing or roller coasters or a glass of fantastic wine!)

    Happy birthday, my friend! I’m happy to be celebrating fiftyness with you!



  3. Court says:

    What a fabulous idea. Of course.


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