Week One #1 Codzilla with Friends

In 2010 I checked off a bucket list item. I went to Egypt. It had been a dream of mine, and the trip did not disappoint. Making it even more special, I traveled with a group from Harvard, lead by the fabulous Sue Weaver Schopft. Sue is a professor and bon vivant who regularly ties spring break trips with a class. So, in addition to the trip itself, we had an Egyptian guide who traveled with us and gave us lectures.

As if the trip itself wasn’t enough, I made new friends. Angela, Deb, Meghan, Rhonda, and I keep in touch, and try to see each other every so often. They are all on my “theater date” list–since I go to so many shows, I have a group of friends I invite to go with me. On occasion we have group dinners or outings, but more often someone sends out an email asking “who wants to” and one of two of us say “me!”

When Deb asked who wanted to go on Codzilla, I said yes. I had no idea what Codzilla was, but I learned. And it became the fabulous item of the week. A high speed boat with loud music, doing a passing “tour” of the harbor, and then doing donuts around and around. I spent my actual birthday at Canobie Lake Park (another fabulous day), and I do love rides. And this was a ride. Happily, we all had rain ponchos (which worked well enough for me, though Megan got soaked. And we wore seatbelts.

Afterwards, we walked over to the North End and had dinner. It was really, really lovely. I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant. Honestly, in the North End it doesn’t much matter. But it was a wonderful way to end the week. And a great way to start the Fabulous Project.

What do you think? Let me know?

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