Week #6–The Party

WAY back in the day, I worked for StageSource, as a part time administrative assistant. I remember the parties well. In the Next Move Theatre, reborn as Zanzibar, now Estate. They were big, bold, and fun.

Eighteen months ago, I became the ED of StageSource. Last year we combined two events into a party. This year we decided to just have a party. And so we did. Complete with an excellent DJ, a theater prom theme (“Back in Time”), fun food (made by the committee, very prom like), a photographer. A good crowd came out, and I think they had a good time. And we raised a little money, which is always a good thing. Running a non profit is the hardest thing I have ever done. Ever.

Adding to the party, I went to three plays (par for the course during the season). And all of them celebrated our community in one way or another. Also fabulous. Sometimes running said non-profit doesn’t let you remember why you are doing the work, and why you care so much. Then you see the work.

Life is good. Work is great. Challenging, but great. And sometimes there’s a party.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. edithmaxwell says:

    I want to see pictures of the party! Theater Prom sounds very intriguing…


  2. nurseratchet says:

    Very fun blog!

    ~ Dianne


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