Week #7–Stepping Up

My fabulous event for Week #7 became fabulous after I did an attitude adjustment. I walked the Tufts 10K. When I signed last summer, the idea was to use it as a goal towards getting back in shape. See, three years ago I did the BAA Half. And two years ago I did a Spring Tri.  So I thought, 10K, you need to get in shape, go.

No go.

Work is nuts. Life is nuts. My knees turned 50. I just didn’t pull it together. And so, leading up to the day, I thought “I’m just not going to do it.” Then I thought “I’ll pick up my packet, and get the shirt. Who’ll know if I don’t do it?” [Note: The Tufts 10K shirts are great. Just saying. Long sleeve tech shirts.]

Who’ll know? Me. So I got out the clothes (running tights under running pants, good shoes, good socks, layers on top, running cap), and set them out. And then I woke up Monday, had a light breakfast, ate a banana and hydrated. And I still wrestled. Then I said “Just go. And don’t try and run.”

So I walked to the T (about a mile), went to the starting line, got in the back of the pack, walked the 10K, and then walked from the T back home. I walked a good pace, but not great. I am really out of shape. BUT I did it.

And here’s the thing. I liked walking it. Why do I always feel like I need to run? I don’t love running. It is hard on my body. But I always try to be this athlete that I never was. But why not walk? And ride my bike? And do yoga? AND JUST MOVE?

I had plenty of time to think about this during my 10K. I didn’t wear an iPod (the rules said no, even though most solo runners/walkers wore one. I am a geek. Need to stop following all the rules all the time.) And I liked the walk. It wasn’t easy, but I felt good afterwards. So kinder, gentler, but firmer with myself. Here’s to more fabulous walks this year.

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  1. You rock, Julie! Nothing wrong with being a walker. Just moving is a big step forward (so to speak…) and if we ever STOP moving, we’re in big trouble. Would love to do an enegetic walk with you one of these days. My little legs can move faster than many tall peoples’!


  2. nurseratchet says:

    Woo Hoo!! You go, girl! I just registered to walk the Portland, Oregon Marathon. It’s the most walker friendly Marathon in the country. Great medals! Great food! Lots of bling! And, 53 or 56 spots where there is loud, gorgeous music. I have a year to get ready. I have not yet told my legs they are 65!


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