What Happened To My Hour?

Today, March 8, 2015, is Daylight Savings time. Not my favorite day, since we lose a precious hour of sleep, and I never really recover.

It also is the first time in almost a year that I have posted on this blog. Not the first time I’ve done a blog post this past year. Over at Wicked Cozy Authors, my name crops up regularly. On Live to Write/Write to Live, I post every other week.

The year has also been a big one in my writing life. I am writing the Clock Shop Mystery Series as Julianne Holmes, and boy, has she been busy. My first novel, Just Killing Time, is going to be released on October 6. Book #2 is plotted, and being written (due May 15). Book #3 is due in January.

I am and at large member of the boards of Sisters in Crime, and Sisters in Crime New England. Both of these organizations mean the world to me, and I am thrilled to be involved. (If you are a mystery writer, join Sisters in Crime.)

So I’ve been busy, but haven’t been checking in. That will change, even though I’ve lost an hour. Though losing an hour is a fairly regular situation for me. NOTHING takes as long as I think it is going to take. You’d think by now I’d be better at it, but you’d be wrong. Even a ten minute walk takes twenty minutes these days, due in no small part to the mountains of ice and snow in New England, and the layers and layers of clothes I need to wear.

I sprang forward, rebooted the blog, and exercised this morning. Even though I lost an hour.

What do you think? Let me know?

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