I will be appearing at the PA Tea Festival on September 28! More information here.

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I will be on tour with the Wicked Authors! I hope you’ll join us.

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I do not blog regularly here, but I show up on the Wicked Authors  and Killer Characters. Catch up with me there!

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  1. Kim Ten Eyck says:

    Hi, I recently went to a fund raiser that included a package of your books and the naming of a character. I won that package and after much thought I have chosen the name.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t quite read your email address. I hope this message makes it to you
    I once had a pet chipmunk. She was adorable and ferocious, both a hero and a sneaky, little villain. Truly the coolest rodent I have ever known. There are few things on earth as cute as a chipmunk eating a cheerio. I contemplated writing a children’s book about her. I did not, but here is my chance to have her name memorialized. So here is my choice…Scooter McGee. 
    Best wishes, 
    Kim Ten Eyck 


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